General Information 

Applicants are admitted to the School of Nursing (SON) on a competitive basis for a limited number of slots. The Traditional Option admits students each Fall and Spring Semester. The Fast Track Option admits students each May. Fast Track applicants must have completed the Texas Core and have a Bachelor’s degree in a non-nursing area in order to be eligible. 

Selection for the Traditional Option is made from the applicant pool based on: Science GPA, Pre Nursing Courses GPA, TEAS score and UTEP GPA. 

Students who are ready to apply to the Traditional Option must complete and submit the Application Form by the established deadline. Students may contact the School of Nursing’s Office of Student Affairs (915-747-7273) for more information. 

Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) - A TEAS score rating at the PROFICIENT LEVEL or above must be on file (current within two years of application) or the applicant must take the TEAS. The School of Nursing only considers the first two TEAS taken. The TEAS is offered at the UTEP Testing Center. Check their web site or visit the UTEP Testing Center for dates and times offered.  A Study Guide is available through the UTEP Testing Center website.   

Prerequisites and Admission to UTEP 

All prerequisites must be completed and on record in Goldmine prior to applying for admission into the Program. Applicants must be accepted to UTEP and transcripts must be evaluated by Admissions no later than the end of the application period. Please note that it takes two to four weeks to have transcripts evaluated, and this will not be done until ALL application materials and transcripts have been received by the Admissions office. All official transcripts must be submitted to the UTEP Admissions Office.

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Pre-Nursing Course Selection Requirements Checklist:

  • Completion of the University Core Curriculum (grade of “C” or better is required for each course in the University Core)
  • Completion of the Pre-Professional pre-requisites (MATH 1320 or higher, BIOL 1305-1107, BIOL 2311-2111, BIOL 2313-2113, CHEM 1407 or CHEM 1305-1105, MICR 2330, HSCI 2302, PSYC 1301)
  • Competitive math/science g.p.a.(MATH 1320 or higher, BIOL 1305-1107, BIOL 2311-2111, BIOL 2313-2113, CHEM 1407 or CHEM 1305-1105, MICR 2330) Historically, the minimum competitive Science/Math GPA is 3.0.
  • All math/science courses must be current and completed within seven (7) years
  • It is highly recommended to have the TEAS exam completed with a minimum score of 58.7% (Proficient level)

Do not send transcripts to the School of Nursing 

Admission to the University does not guarantee admission to the professional program at UTEP. Students seeking admission by transferring to UTEP should note that the two application processes

  1. to The University of Texas at El Paso Office of Admissions & Recruitment and 
  2. to the School of Nursing are separate and independent. Current UTEP students must submit the School of Nursing Program Application, but no application to UTEP is required. 

For additional information on the admission, application process and the lower division requirements, contact the SON Office of Student Affairs.