Master of Science in Nursing (MSN-Online)

The Master of Science degree in Nursing (MSN) prepares professional nurses for post-graduate roles in a variety of advanced practice and specialty areas. Graduates have increased autonomy and independence in their practice and are eligible to apply for national certification. The degree of Master of Science in Nursing provides the graduate the opportunity to complete the following program outcomes[1]:

  1. Synthesize theory and concepts from nursing and other disciplines for applications in the care of clients;
  2. Provide advanced nursing care based upon in-depth client assessment in an area of specialization;
  3. Evaluate ethical, moral, and legal precepts in client care;
  4. Design culturally competent interventions based on current, valid evidence;
  5. Apply research methods to investigate problems that influence advanced nursing care;
  6. Analyze public policy and issues that affect advanced nursing practice and health care delivery systems;
  7. Collaborate with other disciplines to provide care in a variety of settings;
  8. Integrate peer review and/or peer guidance in advanced practice;
  9. Participate in leadership and development of the profession; and
  10. Enhance the basis for life-long learning and/or doctoral study.

MSN applicants have the choice of three majors: a) Nursing Education; b) Nurse Practitioner with concentrations in adult/gerontology acute care, family primary care, and pediatric primary care and acute care; and  c) Nursing Systems Management. Total required semester hours vary from 33 to 49.

[1] The MSN Program Outcomes are based on the The Essentials of Master’s Education for Advanced Practice Nursing (AACN, 1996). As part of continuous quality improvement, graduate faculty are evaluating and revising MSN program outcomes and curriculum based on the 2011 AACN Essentials document.

Unique Features:

  • Didactic 100% online
  • Curriculum aligned with latest national standards and guidelines
  • Prepatory activities for online learning and student success
  • Personalized guidance from faculty and staff advisors

Admission Criteria:

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